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Do you accept International payment?

We cannot accept payment in foreign currency .Prepayment in United States dollars is required.

What forms of payment are accepted by BDL Laboratories?

We accept VISA; Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, personal checks, and US money orders. However, Internet orders must be paid by credit card only.

What information do I need to submit to BDL along with my sample in order to bill my insurance?

You will need to send the following along with your sample:

  • Legibly signed laboratory order with applicable diagnosis code(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Physician’s full printed name, address, and NPI number
  • Legible front & back copy of primary insurance card
  • Signed & dated BDL Insurance Authorization Form (included in kit)

Please Note:  Incomplete or invalid information does not stop your sample from processing and may result in you being billed at the full retail price.

Will the invoice include all the list of patients tested within the specific month?

Yes. You will receive the itemize patient tested within the specific month include date of service

What is the billing period to collect the amount?

There are 2 options available for billing period:
We collect the bill every 15 day of the month or 30 day of the month.
It is for your convenience and select the option when sign in with BDL Lab

Our standard billing policy and practice is to charge your credit card on file in full. Credit card information is stored in an encrypted, truncated form.

What billing options are available with BDL to practitioners?

Professional Billing: We bill you as a professional price. You collect payment from your patient directly. Labrix will bill you after testing has been performed using a credit card which we keep on file when you set up your account.

BDL Collection: We will collect the testing fees upfront from your patients for testing in the form of Check, money order or credit card authorization and we will submit courtesy claims to their private insurance, in most circumstances and when requested by the patient.

Do the patients have to pay upfront of this testing?

If your doctor account is set up as BDL Collection, patients must provide pre-payment when sending samples to BDL Laboratories for testing, in the form of check, money order or credit card authorization.

Do the Insurance companies cover the cost of the testing?

Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of the testing unless your medical professional has ordered and provided a written prescription for the testing.  Adrenal Stress profile Cortisol testing is covered by the insurance and Medicare with doctor prescription.

Do I order a hormone test without doctor or practitioner prescription?

There are certain states that allow Direct Access Testing (DAT), which allows testing without doctor prescription. But Under CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) regulations, testing varies by state and requires a written or electronic request for patient testing (493.1241). Some states such Maryland and New York do not allow Direct Access Testing. Some restrictions apply in California.