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We are listing some of the most common questions that we hear from our clients. If you need any further question which are not listed, please contact our customer service either by calling at 562-924-2292 or email us at info@bdllabinc.com

About Hormones FAQ

What is the effect of adrenal dysfunction?

The resulting adrenal dysfunction not only affects short-term response to stress, but adrenal imbalance may affect the adrenals’ ability to produce and balance other hormones crucial to long-term health and well-being such as DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone

What are the Psychological sign & symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty concentration
  • Memory loss, unable to remember things
  • Less tolerance and patience for stress
  • Easily frustrated

What are the Physical sign & symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

  • Abnormal blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia
  • Weight gain around the waist
  • Getting flu more often
  • Low sex derive
  • High allergic response to foods or environmental allergens
  • Pain in the back and neck
  • Ache/arthritic pain
  • Decreased immune response
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Lightheaded
  • Having difficulty in getting up in the morning
  • Increased symptoms of PMS for women

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

The adrenal glands maintain and keep the body’s stress hormones in balance. If someone is under pressure and stress the adrenal glands become diminished which may causing a decrease in the amount of steroid hormones in the body, particular cortisol.
The following are the sign of Adrenal fatigue:

  • Having trouble getting up in the morning? Energy levels have waned.
  • Lack of motivation and desire to do anything
  • Feeling stressed
  • Feeling tired
  • Feeling overwhelming or daunting
  • Need coffee or stimulant to get going in the morning

How accurate is the Saliva Test?

The published studies have shown that a saliva test is much more accurate than a serum test. It is a reliable marker of testosterone bioavailability, principally for very low levels, (Serum tests are often unreliable in this area), Cortisol and other adrenal hormones. Saliva testing also can measure hormones such as testosterone in women or children and estrogen in men.

Which Hormones also called Longevity?

Hormone DHEA is known as longevity hormone.

Why Measure With Saliva?

  • Accurate
  • Reliable, Valid in everyday context
  • Easy to collect at home
  • Safe to handle
  • Non-invasive

What is a benefit of Salivary Hormones?

More representative of bioavailable hormone in saliva compared to total serum hormone.
A salivary hormone test is a comprehensive hormone test, which can reveal many clues about the current health status, which is easy and simple to collect the specimen without using needles, and can be collected in privacy at home.

Why hormone in saliva is better than testing hormones in blood or serum?

Salivary Testing is more accurately than blood. Salivary hormone tests can test more accurately than blood tests for the ‘free or available’ level of sex hormones plus a few other very important steroid hormones. In blood, most of these hormones are bound to large protein molecules, which effectively make them unavailable to the cells. Only the small percentage of these hormones not bound to protein molecules (estimated to be less than 5%) are able to move out of blood vessels and be used by cells.
A salivary hormone test is a comprehensive hormone test, which can reveal many clues about the current health status, which is easy and simple to collect the specimen without using needles, and can be collected in privacy at home.

Why test saliva for hormones?

  • Saliva hormone testing is non-invasive and easy to collect at the convenience and privacy of home.
  • Inexpensive and economical to know the hormones imbalance
  • Saliva hormones reveal the healthy life style.
  • Blood collection is sometimes very stressful while saliva collection is simple.
  • Saliva sample collections can be timed precisely, which is critical for some hormones specially early in the morning and evening.
  • Multiple saliva collections can be possible in a single day to evaluate daily fluctuation.
  • Saliva testing is an accurate, flexible tool for adjusting and monitoring hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • Saliva specimen can be transported easily from anywhere through-prepaid mailers. This convenience is possible because saliva hormones are stable at room temperature for at least 3 weeks.
  • Saliva testing measures the levels of the free, bio-available hormones – those hormones which move freely into cells and carry out the body’s critical jobs.

Do the Low levels of Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone can result to low libido?

Experts say that loss of desire and low sex drive may be directly related to lower estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone levels, which often happens during menopause. Low sex derives and libido is the most common sexual complaint by women.
Hormonal imbalance can occur in young age

What is the Role of Testosterone in women?

Hormonal imbalance in women causes reduced ovarian function, or a hysterectomy. This is due to the low amount of testosterone a woman produces, especially in post menopause. Generally Testosterone hormone is mainly considered a hormone for men, but it also serves important purposes for women. In terms of libido, testosterone for women serves to heighten sexual response and orgasms. As a result, low testosterone causes a loss of libido.

What is the function of Progesterone and Estrogen in women?

Progesterone naturally decreases production during perimenopause; this can result in an estrogen dominance, which effectively causes low sex derive and low libido in women. This hormonal imbalance often causes vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy (a loss of muscle tension), and decreased clitoral sensitivity. The increase level of estrogen also causing mood swings, weight gain, and fatigue, body ache add to the problem. Too little estrogen causes similar vaginal problems.

What is Low Libido in Women?

The hormonal imbalances found in menopause, perimenopause and post menopause in women commonly results in the decline in sexual drive or low libido. The main hormone responsible for low libido in women is progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen.

How we control Estrogen Levels in men?

There are a number of male menopause treatment options that will work in conjunction to control your testosterone to estrogen conversion. Balancing your hormone levels through therapy and proper nutrition help to control the estrogen levels in men. Supplements and physical fitness are also vital to keep body fat low to remove aromatase. It is also suggested that men with high estrogen levels should decrease alcohol consumption and increase consumption of vitamin B and flaxseeds.

Does increase level of Estrogen can cause any symptom?

Excessive estrogen in men raises body fat and can contribute to diabetes and high lipids.

What are the symptoms of Low levels of Testosterone?

Low levels of testosterone can cause many unpleasant symptoms including low sex derive, low libido, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, weight gain.

How do we know Testosterone Level is decrease?

Testosterone saliva hormone tests will inform your physician if your diminished testosterone level.

When does Testosterone Levels Begin to Decrease?

Testosterone levels are at the highest during puberty and adolescence. However, testosterone levels begin declining after the age of 30. This decline leads to many changes in your body. It will results in physical and mental changes in the body. Testosterone begins declining after the age of 30 and research indicates that in an average man generally lose 1% of testosterone a year. This decline is testosterone levels is gradual but on average by the time you reach 40 you have already lost 10% of this hormone and you can feel the effects more sharply.

Testosterone levels in American men have been declining steadily over the past two decades. Ref: In a 2006 studies, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Does Low sex derives is the symptoms of low testosterone level?

Low sex derives and low libido in men is a common symptom of Andropause and Testosterone Imbalance.

What is the function of Testosterone?

Testosterone also is the hormone that controls sexual function in men. Testosterone is known for its ability to increase libido and sex derive. Testosterone also plays a key role in keeping men’s bones dense and strong and in building muscle mass. Low testosterone levels also contribute to low sperm count.

Does eating interfere with test results?

Food can create a more viscous or “junky” specimen and any particles can interfere with the test result. Good sample is the first step for achieving the accurate and reliable test results. The ingestion of food is not the issue; it is the creation of as “clean” a specimen as possible. While there are laboratory procedures to eliminate as much of this type of interference as possible, it is best to submit a sample taken when food residue is not in the mouth.

Why it is necessary to complete the symptom questionnaire or request form?

This is very useful for the doctor interpreting the test results takes symptoms into consideration as well as laboratory result. The same thing applies to the section of the requisition where we request information on hormones the patient is taking.

Why should cycling women collect their sample only on days 19-21 of their cycle period?

These days will reflect the luteal phase, which is the appropriate time to measure both progesterone (which should be at its peak) and estradiol in order to calculate the most accurate ratio between the two.

Why is there a difference in the instructions for sublingual and topical hormone use?

Sublingual hormones are detected in saliva for a longer period than topical hormones. If these instructions are not followed, a true therapeutic level will not be reflected.

Why we don’t apply facial lotions or creams during saliva collection?

Many “anti-aging/wrinkle” creams contain the very hormones that we test. It is easy to contaminate a specimen by direct contact with the straw or tube or by absorption into the body, thus altering the results to an inaccurate higher level.

Why do we collect four tubes if only one test is ordered?

All the samples collected in 4 tubes throughout the day in different intervals such as morning, noon, evening, and night, pool together equal amount from each tube and transfer into the 5th tube, which is used for testing such as Estradiol, DHEA, Testosterone, and Progesterone. This process ensures a more accurate overall average of the hormone level.

Why do we collect 4 samples for cortisol?

Cortisol fluctuates and we like to measure ups and downs, to check the diurnal pattern.

When saliva sample will be taken?

Before brushing teeth or one hour later after meal.


Do you accept International payment?

We cannot accept payment in foreign currency .Prepayment in United States dollars is required.

What forms of payment are accepted by BDL Laboratories?

We accept VISA; Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, personal checks, and US money orders. However, Internet orders must be paid by credit card only.

What information do I need to submit to BDL along with my sample in order to bill my insurance?

You will need to send the following along with your sample:

  • Legibly signed laboratory order with applicable diagnosis code(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Physician’s full printed name, address, and NPI number
  • Legible front & back copy of primary insurance card
  • Signed & dated BDL Insurance Authorization Form (included in kit)

Please Note:  Incomplete or invalid information does not stop your sample from processing and may result in you being billed at the full retail price.

Will the invoice include all the list of patients tested within the specific month?

Yes. You will receive the itemize patient tested within the specific month include date of service

What is the billing period to collect the amount?

There are 2 options available for billing period:
We collect the bill every 15 day of the month or 30 day of the month.
It is for your convenience and select the option when sign in with BDL Lab

Our standard billing policy and practice is to charge your credit card on file in full. Credit card information is stored in an encrypted, truncated form.

What billing options are available with BDL to practitioners?

Professional Billing: We bill you as a professional price. You collect payment from your patient directly. Labrix will bill you after testing has been performed using a credit card which we keep on file when you set up your account.

BDL Collection: We will collect the testing fees upfront from your patients for testing in the form of Check, money order or credit card authorization and we will submit courtesy claims to their private insurance, in most circumstances and when requested by the patient.

Do the patients have to pay upfront of this testing?

If your doctor account is set up as BDL Collection, patients must provide pre-payment when sending samples to BDL Laboratories for testing, in the form of check, money order or credit card authorization.

Do the Insurance companies cover the cost of the testing?

Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of the testing unless your medical professional has ordered and provided a written prescription for the testing.  Adrenal Stress profile Cortisol testing is covered by the insurance and Medicare with doctor prescription.

Do I order a hormone test without doctor or practitioner prescription?

There are certain states that allow Direct Access Testing (DAT), which allows testing without doctor prescription. But Under CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) regulations, testing varies by state and requires a written or electronic request for patient testing (493.1241). Some states such Maryland and New York do not allow Direct Access Testing. Some restrictions apply in California.


Does BDL provides marketing resources material?

Yes BDL will provide marketing resources material. Contact marketing@bdlalabinc.com

Does BDL lab help in building saliva testing program in my practice?

BDL has a dedicated team of Business Development team with extensive marketing and business development training who are available to help you develop and grow your hormone balancing practice. Contact BDL to discuss your needs and objectives.

What is BDL Laboratories policy for allowing businesses to link to their website, as well as for BDL to link to others’ websites?

BDL allows relevant businesses to link to our website; such as herb Medicine Company, hormones therapy clinics, wellness center, weight loss programs, fitness centers etc. Businesses wanting to link to their sites should contact info@bdllabinc.com Relevent businesses wanting to link their sites to BDL must observe the terms and conditions of BDL.

Test Order

Does BDL offer services outside USA?

Yes BDL offers their services outside USA. Please check our International Payment option.

Does BDL offers private labeling of test kits and reports?

Yes BDL offers a private label program for the customer who orders average 15-20 kits a month.

What are the most common BDL profiles for hormone imbalance that are ordered?

The most common profile ordered at BDL is the Comprehensive Hormone Panel (8-hormones). This includes Cortisol AM, Noon, Evening & Night), Estradiol, DHEA, Progesterone, and Testosterone. . Both men and women will benefit from testing with this panel.

Please note, you can always request additional testing if desired l within 25 days of BDL receiving the sample.  For women with a family history of breast cancer and menopausal women, many providers will run the Comprehensive Extended Panel which adds estrone and estriol. This is the ideal panel to gain a thorough overview of a patient’s hormonal state in order to start a successful hormone monitoring program