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Symptoms Checklist for Men and Women
If experiencing few or more of the following sign & symptoms shown in the checklist perform the appropriate recommended salivary hormone testing shown at the bottom of the page.
Hormone Imbalance Adrenal Hormone Imbalance
For Men For Women For Men For Women
Decreased body mass Aches and Pains Aches and pains Aches and pains
Decreased Libido Acne Allergies Allergies
Decreased mental Bleeding Changes Anxiety Anxiety
Sharpness Bone Loss Bone Loss Chronic health problem
Decreased Stamina Decreased Libido Chronic health problem Depression
Decreased urine flow Depressed Mood Decreased erection Diabetes/prediabetes
Fatigue Fibromyalgia Depression Fatigue
Foggy thinking Foggy thinking Diabetes/prediabetes Fibromyalgia
Increased urine urge Hot Flashes Fatigue Food Craving
Irritability Incontinence Fibromyalgia Low blood Pressure
Memory Lapse Increased body/Facial Hair Low blood Pressure Low Blood Sugar
Oily Skin Irritability Low Blood Sugar Sleep disturbance
Prostate problem Memory Lapse Prostate problem Susceptible to infections
Low Sex desire Mood Swings Sleep disturbance Weight Gain
Sleep Disturbance Night Sweats Stress
PMS Like Symptoms Susceptible to infections
Low Sex desire Weight Gain waist
Sleep Disturbance
Tender or Fibrocystic Breast
Uterine Fibroids
Vaginal Dryness
Weight Gain-Hips
Weight Gain-Waist
Following Test Recommended:
Basic Hormone Profile
Comprehensive Hormone Profile
Adrenal Dysfunction Profile