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BDL is a specialized in innovative saliva diagnostic testing both in functional hormones and saliva diagnostic which include HPV DNA oral cancer, Genetic Weight Management. The clinical research department at BDL provides the clinical research in the field of integrative medicine.

BDL research studies include in the area of occupational medicine (cortisol levels in individuals working overnight shifts,), Sport medicine (over training syndrome), Psychological research is related to the science of behavior and mental processes; it includes areas such as biological psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology. Abnormal hormone rhythms have been implicated in many diseases, and more and more research is devoted to understanding them and finding medication. Parameters such as levels of cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, alpha amylase exhibit relationships with chronic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavior, cognitive function, and health. For this reason leading research psychologists are very interested in studying, measuring and understanding of these substances’ concentrations and circadian patterns.

BDL is CLIA certified and authorized to test functional hormones and other saliva diagnostic tests in all 50 states, (New York State is not included).

If you or your organizations are interested in partnering with BDL Lab in a research project or study and need a research quote, please submit the following form. Our customer service member contacts you with the quotation.